Course Syllabus
Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe 29:50
Fall 2011 - Prof. Kaaret - Sections A and D (MW 3:30pm)

Instructor: Prof. Philip Kaaret
Office: 702 Van Allen Hall
Phone: 319-335-1985
Office hours:  Tuesday 1–3 pm, Wednesday 10-11 am, or by appointment

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy
DEO: Prof. Mary Hall Reno
Office: 203 Van Allen Hall
Phone: 335-1686

Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe is a survey of the major ideas in current astronomical research, intended for students who are not majoring in the natural sciences. Students will learn about fascinating topics such as black holes, the birth and explosive death of stars, and the shape and eventual fate of the universe. The learning goals include some factual knowledge, but emphasize understanding concepts rather than memorizing facts. The major topics covered will be: the night sky and how we determine the properties of distant objects from observations, the properties of stars including our own Sun, the properties of galaxies, black holes, the search for planets and life in the universe, and cosmology - the study of the universe as a whole. This course is approved for the CLAS General Education Program.

Your responsibilities to this class include attendance and participation. You are also expected to be honest and honorable in your fulfillment of assignments and in test-taking situations. You have a responsibility to the rest of the class, and to the instructor, to help create a classroom environment where all may learn. Noise and disruptions during class will not be tolerated. Students talking during lectures will be expected to leave. Cell phones that ring during lecture will be confiscated.

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