Classical Mechanics 29:205

Classical Mechanics


Fall 2013

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Possible final grades are A+,A,B,C,D,F. The grade of A+ is for performance that is a full grade above an A. Grades are based on homework scores (20%), mid term exam score (35%), and the final exam (45%). Homework assignments will appear on the web version of this syllabus ( Homework solutions will be posted on links to the electronic syllabus. The mid-term exam will be given after we complete the discussion of Lagrangian mechanics.

General Information

My goal is to cover the following topics in roughly the order:

The material will follow my lecture notes. Most, but not all of this material appears in the text "Mechanics". Dirac's book is not really about quantum mechanics. It is about how to make a Hamiltonian formulation of mechanics when the Legendre transformation that connects the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of mechanics is singular. While this sounds academic, All of the fundamental interactions in physics (gauge theories) fall into this class.

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