PHYS:1511 Spring 2019
College Physics I

Y. Onel
Instructor: 153 VAN


Office Hours: 1:30-4:30 p.m. Wednesday

Students may confer with the instructor at other times only after making an appointment at the lecture.

Lecture: 9:30 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. MWF Lecture Room 2, VAN

Text: Physics, Volume I, 10th edition, Cutnell & Johnson

Lab Manual:

"Experiments in Mechanics, Wave Motion and Heat"

By Faculty & Staff, UI Department of Physics & Astronomy

Registration: Changes in course registration including adding, dropping, and changes in sections, will be made in Room 203 VAN between the hours of 8-12 and 1-5 Mon-Fri. If you are taking this course as a second grade option, your TA needs to be notified.

Homework: Problems will be assigned in class but will not be collected nor graded. There will be no WileyPlus homework assignments in this course.

Laboratory: The labs will be held under the supervision of your TA, who will grade your laboratory reports. Discuss the grading of your assignments with your TA.

Discussion Sessions: The discussion sessions will be conducted under the supervision of a TA. "Check Your Understanding" questions in the textbook is not relevant. We suggest you to come to lectures and discussion sessions.

Exams: The three exams and the final exam will be closed book. The final exam is comprehensive. The date of the final exam will be announced on the course website under:
Quizzes are pop-quizzes, and it has to be taken in class. There is no schedule and no prior announcement.

Exam I: February 13
Exam II: March 13
Exam III: April 17

Course Grade: Exams:15% x 3

Final Exam: 30%

Labs: 15%

Quizzes: 10%

Tutoring: TAs will be available for free tutoring in room 310 VAN during the hours posted. Students are permitted to seek help from classmates in preparing their homework. While you are encouraged to seek help from TAs, do not expect them to do your homework for you.

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When to seek help from the instructor (office hours): Homeworks: when you don't understand a solution that has been put on reserve.

Exams: Questions about grading (it is not encouraged that this practice become a habit).

Understanding of physical concepts, lecture topics, and textbook topics. Students visiting for these purposes will be most appreciated.

Feedback on your TA's performance.

Occasions to seek help from your section TA (rather than the instructor): Homework: Questions about grading, solutions to the problems, lecture and textbook topics.

Laboratories: All questions.

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Course Web Page and Course ICON Site: Homework assignments will be shown on the course webpage. The solutions  to the homework problems and exams as well as other posted materials will be on the ICON site. There will be no posting of exam scores nor the grades on the ICON site.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2
Kinematics in One Dimension
Chapter 3
Kinematics in Two Dimension
Chapter 4
Forces & Newton's Law of Motion
Chapter 5
Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion
Chapter 6
Work and Energy
Chapter 7
Impulse and Momentum
Chapter 8
Rotational Kinematics
Chapter 9
Rotational Dynamics
Chapter 10 Simple Harmonic Motion
Chapter 11 Fluids
Chapter 12 Temperature and Heat
Chapter 13 The Transfer of Heat
Chapter 14 The Ideal Gas Law and Kinematic Theory
Chapter 15 Thermodynamics
Chapter 16 Waves


Administrative Information & Policies

Administrative Home

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the administrative home of this course and governs matters such as the add/drop deadlines, the second-grade-only option, and other related issues. Different colleges may have different policies. Questions may be addressed to 120 Schaeffer Hall, or see the CLAS Academic Policies Handbook at

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Accommodations for Disabilities

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Academic Honesty

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CLAS Final Examination Policies

The final examination schedule for each class is announced by the Registrar generally by the fifth week of classes. Final exams are offered only during the official final examination period. No exams of any kind are allowed during the last week of classes. All students should plan on being at the UI through the final examination period. Once the Registrar has announced the date, time, and location of each final exam, the complete schedule will be published on the Registrar's web site and will be shared with instructors and students. It is the student's responsibility to know the date, time, and place of a final exam.

Making a Suggestion or a Complaint

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Understanding Sexual Harassment

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Reacting Safely to Severe Weather

In severe weather, class members should seek appropriate shelter immediately, leaving the classroom if necessary. The class will continue if possible when the event is over. For more information on Hawk Alert and the siren warning system, visit the Department of Public Safety website.

Religious Diversity and the University Calendar