Astronomical Laboratory
Fall 2011

Below is listed the schedule of laboratory investigations for the semester. Documents describing the procedures to be followed and measurements to be made are given in the third column.
Week of  Lab Title Information
August 22 Initial Pleasantries  --------
August 29 1. Performance of CCD Cameras  Lab Document
September 5 2. Astronomical Imaging and Photometry with CCD Cameras  Lab Document
September 5 SUPPLEMENT: Photometry in Maxim DL  Lab Document
September 12 3. Spectroscopy in the Laboratory  Lab Document
September 26 4. Stellar Spectroscopy  Lab Document
September 26 5. Introduction to X-ray Astronomy   Lab Document (by R.L. Mutel)
October 17 7. Observations with the Rigel Telescope  URL for preparing Rigel observations
November 28 9. Observations with a Radio Telescope  Lab Document
December 8 "A Lab that will live in infamy ..." (finish up)  --------


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