Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Iowa
Colloquium Spring 2014

Schedule of Colloquia

 Date   Speaker   Institution   Title of Talk 
 Monday, January 27   Steven R. Spangler   University of Iowa   Physics of Bright Nebulae in the Milky Way Galaxy 
 Monday, February 03   Alexei Bazavov   University of Iowa   From Colorless to Colorful 
 Monday, February 10   Jerald L. Schnoor    University of Iowa    Responding to Climate Change 
 Monday, February 17   Michael Brown    Swarthmore College    Is There a Universal Character of Plasma Turbulence? 
 Monday, February 24   Benjamin Murdin    University of Surrey    Laboratory Spectroscopy of White Dwarf Stars and Quantum Information Processing in Silicon (they really do have something in common!) 
 Wednesday, February 26   Brian Anderson    Johns Hopkins University    MESSENGER at Mercury: Solving the riddles of the innermost planet in our solar system 
 Monday, March 3   Harald Kucharek    University of New Hampshire    Probing the Boundaries of our Solar System 
 Wednesday, March 5   Kelly Korreck    Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory    Extreme Views of the Sun 
 Monday, March 10   Jasper Halekas    University of California, Berkeley    The Lunar Wake: a natural plasma physics laboratory 
 Monday, March 17   SPRING BREAK   no colloquium   ----------- 
 Monday, March 24   ----------    ----------    ---------- 
 Monday, March 31   Robert Mutel   University of Iowa   The Faint Young Sun Paradox: An Unsolved Solar System Enigma 
 Monday, April 7   Michael E. Flatte   University of Iowa   Computing with Quantum Coherence: Is Quantum Computing a Real Technology or a Mirage? 
 Monday, April 14   Bradley Shadwick   University of Nebraska   Hamilton Meets a Computer 
 Monday, April 21   ----------    no colloquium   ----------  
 Monday, April 28   Jerome Daligault   Los Alamos National Laboratory   Half Metal, Half Plasma: the Physics of Hot, Dense Matter 
 Monday, May 5   Annual Awards Colloquium   --------------    -------------- 

All events are at 3:30 PM in Room 301 of Van Allen Hall on the University of Iowa campus. Refreshments will be provided for those who hear the talk.