4.5 Meter Radio Telescope
Description and Status

Dinky dish is a 4.5 meter radio telescope for instructional purposes, located on the roof of Van Allen Hall. It has working receivers at 5.0 and 1.4 GHz. Plans for the future include development of a 12-15.0 GHz system. A mechanical switch has been installed in the 5 GHz front end, together with switching electronics, to convert the 5 GHz receiver into a Dicke radiometer. A Labview virtual instrument has also been written by J. Wurster and B. Nellermoe to process the switched data. The instrument is working and evaluation observations are currently underway. The Dicke radiometer appears to have substantially increased the sensitivity of DinkyDish, and should permit reliable detection of other radio sources, as well as atmospheric propagation phenomena. SRS 02-06-97