AstroGK Publications

Submitted Papers

  • "Numerical Modeling of LAPD Alfven Wave Experiments using AstroGK"

    Nielson, K.D. and Howes, G. G.

    Phys. Plasmas, submitted 2009.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Papers in Preparation

  • AstroGK: Astrophysical Gyrokinetics Code

    Howes, G. G., Tatsuno, T., and Dorland, W.

    J. Comp. Phys., in preparation 2008.

  • Driving and Dissipation of Kinetic Astophysical Turbulence

    Howes, G. G., Cowley, S. C., and Dorland, W.

    Comp. Phys. Comm., in preparation 2008.