Space and Astrophysical Plasmas [ASTR:7830]: Fall 2017

Jasper S. Halekas
414 Van Allen Hall
(319) 335-1929
Office Hours:
Tuesday/Thursday 3:00-4:30, Or by Appointment
Physics and Astronomy, 203 Van Allen Hall, DEO Fred Skiff
This course will introduce students to plasma physics in solar system and astrophysical contexts. We will focus on how plasma physics works in a variety of space environments, with a heavy emphasis on applications. The course has no prerequisites, but familiarity with electricity and magnetism at the Griffiths level is highly recommended. We will introduce plasma physics theory as needed to cover topics of interest. The course will cover material from the book as well as other sources. Grades will be based on homework and a final project (no exams). Homework assignments will be given in class and on the course web page.
T Th 11:00-12:15, 65 Van Allen Hall
Requred Texts:
Space Physics: An Introduction, Russell, Luhmann, and Strangeway
Web Pages:
Main Web Page, ICON