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Computing Generalized Racah Coefficients
for the U(N) groups


The Tableau Procedures Package is based on the work of S. Gliske1, W. H. Klink2 and T. Ton-That:3 "Algorithms for Computing Generalized U(N) Racah Coefficients," Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, September, 20054, as well as an additional paper awaiting publication.

To begin using the package, follow the link below to the downloads page. Follow the instructions and download the procedures,, and the first example page,

Table of Contents

  • Downloads
    Download the program and various example worksheets.
  • Further Explainations
    Full-detailed explainations of how to use each procedure, similar to Maple's Help files.
  • Additional Documentation
    Additional documentation, including representations of the various datatypes and guidelines for choosing Generalized Casmimir Operators.

More assistance:

Please direct questions to W. H. Klink or S. Gliske.

The procedures and the webpage are the work of Stephen Gliske, under the direction of W. H. Klink.

1 Department of Physics, University of Michigan, 48109, USA
2 Department of Physics, University of Iowa, 52242, USA
3 Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa, 52242, USA
4 Gliske, Klink, et. at. "Algorithms for Computing Generalized U(N) Racah Coefficients." Acta Applicandae Mathematicae 88.2 (2005): 229-249.