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U. S. Mail: Steven R. Spangler
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242
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Office: 705 Van Allen Hall
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(319) 335-1948
(319) 335-1753

Senior College 2018...Astronomy through Exoplanets

This is the web page for the Senior College course "Other Worlds in Space: Modern Astronomy through Exoplanets"

Field Trip for Thursday, April 12 is:



My research interests are in the solar wind and solar corona, the galactic interstellar medium and astrophysical plasma physics.

Voyager Measurements of the Interstellar Medium

Bill Kurth and I are collaborating with colleagues from Cornell University to measure properties of the plasma in the interstellar medium just outside the heliopause. We are studying the "plasma line" at the plasma frequency with the University of Iowa experiment on Voyager 1.
  • Data for 7 days in 2014 when the plasma line was strong
  • Data for 5 days in 2015 when the plasma line appears to be absent
  • Data for one "frame" in 2015 when the plasma line appears to be absent


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